Although the current regulations do not require a plan for chimney renovation or height extension works, we ensure that all our projects include the planning of construction and height extension.

It is possible to have the plans approved by the chimney sweep association, which we can arrange in a very short time, even in a few days. However, in some districts it is required to have a chimney height extension plan as a prerequisite for the issue of a building permit.

The plans support communication with the neighbouring condominium and provide clear technical content for the building permit and construction tender. The design is prepared by our team and if our company is contracted to carry out the work, a significant part of the design fee is included in the contract price.


Project management

When investing in a new building, condominiums and residents are usually informed at a later stage that chimney height extension is needed in their property. Even if an agreement is made between our company and an investor, the work has to be carried out in a flat owned by a third party and in the neighbouring condominium, so we cannot get a worksite in the classic way.

In addition to legal support, our company manages to obtain agreements with condominiums and residents from the very beginning. We wish to completely take the “burden” off our client’s shoulders concerning the aspect of maintaining contact with the interested parties the neighbouring buildings.

We have a team of 10 people who are prepared for communication situations, can represent our clients’ interests in owners’ meetings and have a thorough knowledge of the procedures. To achieve this, we provide regular training for our colleagues and our 20 years of experience in the field is also a key asset.


Chimney crown reconstruction

Concerning our projects involving chimney height extension, it is not enough to ensure that the chimneys have the correct height for the flue outlet, but in a number of cases we also rebuild the chimney crowns.
In many cases, corrosion caused by combustion and the weather completely destroys the chimney crown and the cover caps, requiring a complete rebuild or partial renovation before they can be extended.


Walkway reconstruction

In order to obtain the permit of the chimney sweeping association, the construction of a top cleaning facility is required. Considering this, projects include the renovation of roof walkways or the construction of complete new systems where necessary. It is essential to use materials certified as roof walkways designed specially for chimney sweeps.


Chimney fan installation

The easiest way to extend the height of chimneys is to use an insulated extension. In many cases it is not possible to apply them, mainly due to the large difference in height, and in such cases we can make use of chimney fans.

The products we use are of high technical standard, can be installed at very low operational costs and require almost no maintenance. They are expensive to install, but in many projects it is the only technical solution.


Reconstruction of heating system

When it comes to chimney height extension, if the investor is already spending a huge amount of money on renovating the chimneys of neighbouring buildings, the need to upgrade the heating system at the same time often emerges. As condensing boilers operate on an artificial process, they do not need to be extended except for a few cases, so it is more reasonable to use the budget of height extension to upgrade the heating system.Over the past 20 years, we have built up an experienced, precise, and efficient team specialising in heating system reconstruction. We can carry out everything in the project with a high level of excellence from design and engineering to handover of the project to the authorities.