Our company offers comprehensive solutions in the field of chimney technology with more than 20 years of professional experience.


Preparation of cost estimate


Technical evaluation of chimneys in condominiums


Preparation and obtaining of the chimney height extension plan


Complete execution and technical handover of chimney height extension project


During the construction phase, our company strives to provide its customers with a complete, transparent and quality service that ensures that the works in the new building is uninterrupted and that no chimney technology related problem prevents the obtaining of the occupancy permit at any stage of the construction.

We offer a complex solution for investors in projects in which the height of the new building may require the chimneys of adjacent buildings to be extended, or simply the chimneys of the new building to be extended.


Our services are used by our partners already at the preparation stage, because chimney height extension is a considerable aspect in the financial planning of the project, so in many cases we prepare a cost estimate for the chimney renovation or height extension at the time of purchasing a site or an attic space.

For most of the investments, a chimney height extension plan is required before obtaining the building permit, and our company has 20 years of experience in preparing such plans. We can also obtain approval from the chimney sweeping authorities and are pleased to participate in the building permit procedure as well.


As part of our service, we are in contact with the management of the neighbouring condominiums and with the residents from the initial planning and construction phases, drafting the necessary agreements for the execution of the works, supported by a permanent law firm with extensive experience in this field.

During our construction work, we aim to act as an intermediary between the investor and the condominium, ensuring that the construction can proceed smoothly during the chimney height extension works and renovations, and that the neighbouring condominium does not pose obstacles to the successful completion of the project during the occupancy permit procedure.


Thanks to our regular and returning customers, the number of homes managed is over a thousand in many cases. Our organizational structure is designed to be able to handle 10-12 projects in parallel without disruption.

We carry out the complete technical handover of our projects to the chimney sweeping authorities and prepare complete and manageable as-built documentation for the handover. 


Our team combines energy and years of experience to deliver innovative yet reliable services.

Lakner Kornél
Tóth Ákos
Managing Director / Technical Director
Erdélyi Laura
Office Manager
Bakos Zsolt
Project Director
Vágó Áron
Technical Engineer
Darabont Dániel
Technical Engineer
Technical Consultant
Szauter-Strbik Kitti
Project Assistant
Project Assistant


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